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Jerry De Sario musician and composer, most interested in the several therapeutical possibilities of music, through research, intuition and continuous checking during time, developed his own method and musical way, most useful for all those people who wish to improve their own phisycal and psychic equilibrium.

"It is correct, in the light of a new individual and common awareness,
to revive music as an holy art and sound as a ritual and possible
curative method. Every creative shape can be considered as a
potential evolutionary mean, turned to a possible contact with
internal and external, hidden or tangible, always available
realities. Those still are accessible through simple
thinking on the twofold way."

Jerry De Sario


Currently Jerry De Sario proposes three different kind of misic-therapy workshop: "Vital rhythms", "Sound massage" and "Way of sounds".

Vital rhythms is a musical way that proposes team activity through the sound of percussions used to improve concentration, communication and personal inner equilibrium. Percussions can free vital energy in a natural way, working in a positive way against depression, stress and emotional circle troubles. During the workshops you will study different percussions tecnique and building of rhythms as energy exchange among people. Workshop remains open both for beginners and for people who has already had previous musical experiences, during workshop you have percussions like derebuka, bongos and djembe, claves, maracas and other ethnical's at your disposal.

Since every individual being identifies with an exact resonance, right benefits and a better equilibrium at psychophysical level are achievable starting up right sound vibration frequency. Sound massage is a collective and individual path which lead you, through ethnic percussions, voices and Tibetan bells playing, to explore and re-balance thin energy, placed in every single person.

With specific sounds used in suitable way it is possible to get a massage and create, for every single people, a pleasant, positive and new energy-filled atmosphere. This particular tecnique works, in first stage, on several energetic organs of body harmonizing whole organism and allowing straight contact between micro and macrocosm.

Once got a favourable and receptive condition both for the single and the group, you will prompt to a deeper level, the second stage where peace and relaxation are the ideal ways to improve our own daily life condition.

Sound, with its vibratory feature, positively affects emotions and feelings, awakening our faith in ourselves and in surrounding reality, moreover starting steady crossing of positive, always alive and available in every single natural element energy up.

WAY OF SOUNDS: Through a creation pratical experience bound with sound, it is possible to live new emotions, arising high opinion in ourselves and helping ourselves to face daily reality in a more imaginative and productive way.

During meetings inspired by the vision of pictures concerning natural elements , every single attending people will create sounds and movements, with the help of the whole group which will support him during creative work with voice and percussions.
Before to face composing work, we will give precise directions intended to take part in an essential and constructive way.

Every workshop lasts at minimum five continuative hours or one week-end along. Click here for information.

curriculuum vitae
Jerry De Sario has been teaching musical education for eight years long in the secondary school, leading his educational activity inside classes made up of children affected by different psychomotor handicaps too.

Interested of music therapeutical possibilities, he has been working four years long at the "Paolo Pini" psychiatric hospital, inside an art-therapy rehabilitation oriented project.

He has been working for C.E.M.B. (Base Musical Education Centre), giving children and boys animation's shows and workshops.

He has been following disabled boys and adults using musical practice through simple percussive instruments.

Since more than 15 years, he has been holding music-therapy workshop for public and private associations, proposing musical paths (percorsi sonori no virgola) intended to improve communication and individual creative abilities.

He has been working together with the Italian R.A.I. producer and therapist Lorenzo Ostuni.