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clicca per vedere altre fotoJerry de Sario, musician and composer from Milan, has been studying electronic composition at the Milan "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatoire and from private teachers sax and ethnic percussion.

Through complex musical experiences he developed his personal composing style, identificable with ethnic matrix world music, while other contaminations are coming from minimalism and ambient music, where inspiration and wide creative spaces move at the same rate.

He began his career as a sax player together with Italian "Treves Blues Band" with whom he has been recording an album (1976). At the end of this collaboration, he began to work to different musical styles border projects, joining composing style to a free personal expression.


He has been writing theatre, pictures and dance soundtracks and background music such as the Compagnia Teatrale La Selva's "L'eccezione e la regola" by B. Brecht (1977); the Gandalf Theatre Company's multimedial "Mare Magico" (Magic Sea ) performance on the water which was performed in Greece on the Rodi Island; the Girovago e Rondella Family Theatre's "Il circo Poetico" by Marco Grignani (since 1987); the "Sintsur" songs for multivision (1982), the "Il moto di un carillon" (1984), the "Icona Market" (1986) background music for the documentary Land Art (2000). He has been collaborating with Enzo Ciotola for the "Corte Sconta" contemporary dance music (1994); than composing broadcasted on Rai and Mediaset television network (2003) television spot "Family for family", with the direction of Pietro Vanessi and produced by Pupi Avati.

Moreover being deeply involved in many-sided therapeutic possibilities of sound, he has being developing his own method, and a sound course useful for all those people who wish to improve their own psychophysical equilibrium, for this purpose he use to hold musictherapy- workshops for both private and public associations.

He produced and published following albums: "Il cerchio dell'iride" (1985),"Mare Magico" (1987), "Forme solari" (1988), "Sogni di Loto" (1990) and most recently "World Bazar" (2002) e "Deva Dream" (2004) with "Ethno World" of Milan, composing music and arrangiaments.
He is still playing live with his own band: "Jerry De Sario Circle".